Be a witness!

Hello All! I hope you all are having a great day in the LORD! I have been on the go all day.

Whew! I am so tired today, but it is a good tired though! :)

I just want to pass on how important it is to tell someone about JESUS. Whether it is in the store, Walmart, ( Ahhh Walmart... we do not have a Walmart here in Belgium...BUMMER!) at work, or just anywhere. All you have to do is open your mouth and let THE HOLY SPIRIT work. You might say that you have a fear of rejection, but remember that they would not be rejecting you. Our command is to tell others of the GOOD NEWS ( GOSPEL) of JESUS. It is not a failure if a person rejects the news of JESUS, it is a failure if you do not open your mouth to share. The BIBLE says that GOD is the ONE who draws them, so pray and let GOD lead you. You never know who is ready. Trust the HOLY SPIRIT promptings when you feel like you should tell someone.
Another thing you could do is buy GOSPEL tracts and give them out to people who pass you by. Can you imagine how many souls could get saved? It is amazing when you think of it. You might say that you do not know where to get tracts. Go to your nearest Christian book store they should have some, but if you really want to step it up, go to "Way of the Master" and check out the site. This site is a great tool to increase your witnessing knowledge, and it has a store with a plethora of GOSPEL tracts to choose from that is so affordable. Way of the Master also has training tools to help you on your way to becoming a witness. This ministry is so SPIRIT filled that it has spilled over to me and I am ON FIRE to tell others.
I hope to hear from someone soon telling of their witnessing story. It helps us all if we share our ups and downs. What worked and what did not. I am excited to hear from you all. Please leave comments and let me know how you are doing. Let me know if you have a site for me to see. Maybe we can link each others site. Let me know! Smiles!


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