Prayers needed for Obama

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!

I need to vent for a moment! I try to just pray, but today I feel sad! I feel sad over Obama's infatuation for mass murder! Not only has he paved the way to fund overseas abortions, Click here for story now he is trying to mandate all medical doctors and nurses to perform abortions, and if they refuse, they may lose their job. Click here for the story.

I have one question...

Why is it so important for a President to get so involved with aborting babies? A President should focus on the economy, health care, foreign relations, etc., so why is it so important to our President to be involved with the destruction of innocent lives?

We (US) do not have money to fund overseas abortions! The US is broke! So, guess who is going to pay for those abortions? We will! Our tax money will go to the worldwide murder of innocent babies. Blood forced upon our hands!

I saw on CNN the other day, a school was serving cold cheese sandwiches to the poor kids. Cold cheese sandwiches! Click here for the story. So why doesn't Obama take the tax money that would go for the killing of innocent babies, and feed the poor kids that do not have much! I would rather see my tax money go to help others, rather than the killing of others!

Thank you for allowing me to vent. I know eventually the SPIRIT of GOD will comfort me, but at this moment, I am so sad for all the babies who will be killed!

I pray for Obama to make JESUS the LORD of his life. Everyone, pray for him. There is nothing more powerful than people praying.

GOD Bless You!

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