There is no GOD?

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you from our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

I was on a Christian forum some time ago, and came across the topic of "How tiring it is to talk to Atheists." I know it can be a little draining at times when talking to an argumentative atheist, but remember what JESUS said, " FATHER forgive them for they do not know what they do." Also, remember what the BIBLE says, "Apart from the SPIRIT they will not understand the things of the SPIRIT. " So, of course they are going to behave, act, and talk like that. They have been world-washed and do not understand the things of GOD.

First off, they will always say, " There is no GOD." That is an absolute statement. For an absolute statement to be true, one must be omniscient. ( having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things.) One must know how many hairs are upon every head, every thought of every human, every detail of history, every atom within every rock... nothing is hidden from ones eyes... one must know the intimate details of the secret love-life of the fleas on the back of the black cat of Napoleons' great grandmother. To make the absolute statement, " There is no GOD," One must have absolute knowledge that there isn't one.

I do believe that some Christians treat atheists like they have the black plague. Non-Believers just need someone to tell them LOVINGLY about the GOD who is RIGHTEOUS, JUST, PERFECT and HOLY. HE and HE alone is the only perfect being. GOD being perfect can not be around sin. When Adam and Eve sinned it infected the flesh of all of mankind with the curse of sin, separating them, and all mankind from GOD. Now, we are all born sinners and separated from GOD, but GOD executed HIS plan ( through HIS SON) for the redemption of man.

If one was to be very honest with oneself and answer these questions... Have you ever told a lie? What are you if you tell a lie? A liar. Have you ever stole anything? Regardless of the value of the item or if you were young when you stole it. What are you called if you steal? A thief. Have you ever looked upon another to lust after them? JESUS says that whoever looks upon a person to lust after them has committed adultery with them already in their heart. ( This covers all sexual sin.) Have you ever used GOD's name as a curse word or used it irreverently? That is blasphemy. That is taking the ONE who has given you sight, hearing and life and you use HIS name as a form of a curse word to show disgust. Is this you? Do you see yourself as a good person next to GOD's perfect standard? Though I have not mentioned all the commandments, the WORD says that if you are guilty of one you are guilty of breaking them all.

I , myself am guilty of them all. Actually, I have broken all of the Ten Commandments. I was facing the "Judgement of GOD and on my way to the "Lake of Fire". ( A very real place that you do not want to go to.) I had heard about JESUS before and thought that as long as I would say, "I am sorry", I would go to HEAVEN. I was wrong.

It is like this... a person has committed a crime of rape and stands before the judge and the judge asks, " you stand here guilty of this crime, do you have anything to say?" Then the person says, " Judge, I am so sorry for raping that poor girl, I will not do it again, please can you just show mercy and let me go? One, the person should be sorry for committing a horrible act against another person, and two, if the judge is a good judge, whether the person is truly sorry or not the crime needs to be punished, and the good judge will not let the person go, but execute justice because he is bound by law.

GOD is a good judge and HE has to punish sin.(crimes against GOD' which is breaking HIS HOLY STANDARD or Ten Commandments) HE sees us all through HIS HOLY STANDARD and we all fall short of it. Romans 3:23 says, The wages of sin is death. But it does not stop there, for Romans 6:23 also tells us that eternal life is through JESUS CHRIST our LORD, and SAVIOR. JESUS who was and has always been, had left HIS KINGDOM (John 1:1,14) to come to the world HE created, to be a teacher to man ,whom HE also created. Showing us the way, and ultimately death on the cross to save us.

What do we need saved from? We need saved from the wrath to come. There will be a judgement day and if we are all in our sin(no atonement) we will go to the lake of fire.

What happened was this... GOD became a man in the person of JESUS CHRIST, and eventually was nailed to and died upon the cross taking the sins of the whole world on HIMSELF. We sin and we deserve death, but HE came and took it for us. So, what happened that day on the Cross was a legal transaction. We committed a crime or crimes against GOD and JESUS paid our fine for us. HE stepped into the courtroom of forever and paid our fine in HIS life's blood.

You see, it is not about us being sorry, it is about the fine that was paid, therfore, the law would not have no more hold on us. That is how much HE loves us!!! All you have to do to be saved is... repent of your sin, ( tell GOD with your mouth that you believe that are a sinner and need HIM to forgive you) then turn away from your sin and live a life that is pleasing to HIM. Read the BIBLE daily to understand HIS WILL and PURPOSE for your life.

HE is ready to hear from you!

I pray for all who do not believe. Please repent and come to know GOD before you take your final breath here on earth, and since no one knows when our last day on earth will be, the BIBLE says that today is the day of salvation!!!

Also, a last note! No matter how tired and weary we become, we need to always let the HOLY SPIRIT lead. Ask GOD to give us strength to stay true to witnessing. We never know who is ready to trust in THE SAVIOR.

LORD, I pray that you will send at least one person ( I truly pray for many) to read this message, and accept eternal life which YOU offer to everyone who will call on YOU.

GOD Bless You!

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