Spurgeon Sunday

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!


JESUS is no idler or loiterer; HE is about HIS FATHER'S business, and you must march with quick step if you would keep pace with HIM. As vinegar to the teeth and as smoke to the eyes are sluggards to active persons. Those, who have much to do have no fellowship with gossips, who drop in to while away the hours with chat. JESUS has no fellowship with you, who care not for souls that are perishing. He is incessantly active, and so must you be if you would know HIS love. There is a fierce furnace-heat beating upon everything today. Men are toiling hard to hold their own, and JESUS must not be served by slothful hearts. I am sure that I err not, from HIS mind, when I say to you, beloved, if you would know the BELOVED fully, you must get up early and go afield with HIM to work with HIM, Your joy shall be in spending and being spent for HIM.
~Charles Spurgeon

GOD Bless You!

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