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Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!

I am a big fan of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Do you remember Kirk Cameron from "Growing Pains"? He played Mike Seaver. Kirk is a true, Bible Believing, Christian. Ray Comfort is an evangelist from New Zealand. Ray and Kirk take the GREAT COMMISSION ( to take the gospel to every creature),very serious. They love GOD and they love their fellow man. They love other's so much, they go to the street's to witness to try to bring them to the understanding of why they need to be reconciled to GOD. Some choose CHRIST and some take their freewill and run away from CHRIST.

They Have a program called "The Way of The Master". The Way of The Master is a program that teaches how to witness the way JESUS did. If you want to learn how to become an effective witness for CHRIST, go to www.thewayofthemaster.com. On this site you will see video's of Ray and Kirk on the street trying win souls,and other video's such as Hells Best Kept Secret ( everyone needs to see this video) You will see study tools, a store where you can purchase very unique, but effective gospel tract's, and learn the tools of becoming an effective witness.

I have been studying Way of The Master for two years and it is awesome! I encourage everyone who calls themselves "children of GOD" to get out and tell others about CHRIST. If we do not, we are letting people go to the lake of fire. How can I let others go into the lake of fire when I have HEAVEN as my home? If we truly love GOD and our fellow man, we will not let fear stand in our way, but let GOD, through The Way of the Master be our guide.

This clip below is so powerful. Please watch! I hope you like Ray, I think he is a great example of how we all should be. PRAISE GOD!!


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