My Trip to the UK

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!

I am so sorry that I never posted about my Breendonk experience, but my husband surprised us with a trip to London! Yea, I know!!!! London!!! I was so excited!! We just returned about an hour ago, it is almost ten in the evening and I need to get tired ones to bed...Spring Break is over...Waaa!!! Waaa!!!! (As I wipe the tears from my eyes) is very nice to come home to my own bed, my back is a bit sore from the one I slept in while away.

I have tons of pictures of all my adventures, I will definitely post them this week. We toured Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, there was also a Roman bath house. Wow, what an awesome time! I will post tomorrow!

I hope you will come back this week to hear about my exciting adventures!

GOD Bless You!!

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