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I am sorry I have not been posting, but it has been crazy here with all the travels and then trying to get back in the swing of things. I am going to post a few pictures before I go to bed. I will post more later in the week when things settle down.


We are entering Breendonk.

The sign says it all...STOP! Or be you will be shot!

The path up to the main building that held the prisoners

The bridge path up to the door.
The moat that surrounds the entire prison building. There is a guard tower on the other side of the other bridge. Guards have shot and killed from that post.
Front entrance to the prison.

The dark and dreary hallway after entering.

Randy and Brandon stand by one of the many swinging barred doors that were at the beginning of or end of the hallway.

Many prisoners saw this hallway going to their cells or torture room.

These men were notorious for torturing the prisoners. They were known to be at every torture session. A huge picture stood out where the people were forced to work.

Bars on ALL the windows.
These men were at every roll call. They had roll call a few times a day. When they stood there they were in fear that their name would be called to follow a guard to the torture room, and they feared they would not see another roll call.
Prisoners once filled this inner court yard. They had no other place to go, but to work and to their cells or rooms.

This is the place they retired to at the end of the day if they were able to make it through the abuse of hard labor. They were not allowed to have any food or water until the end of the 8 hours of hard work, and the sustenance was very little

This is where they came to sit for the little food they had.

All the food they had for the entire day was one tiny bowl of soup, one small piece of bread, and one half cup of gross coffee. Many died of malnutrition and dehydration.

A tiny hallway with many tiny holding cells for the rebellious ones... you know, the ones who wanted freedom.

This is the tiny cell off the tiny hallway which kept the rebellious ones not only behind bars, but chained to the wall. No freedom here! My heart hurts just thinking about what happened to them.

This room made my heart really hurt...this is the torture room. A room once filled with so much pain. So many died here from torture alone. The guards would hang them here and forget about them. When the guards would come for them sometimes it would be too late. No proper nourishment, extreme bodily harm, their bodies could not take it. The guards did not even flinch over it. They cared nothing for these people.

These are the stalls that they had. They are called French Toilets...ooorrrr squatty potties! They had no privacy when relieving themselves. They were only allowed to go once a day and only for one minute. The guard would be shouting the entire time, " Hurry Up"! If they soiled themselves, they were tortured.

Inside the stall area!

Walking in the inner court yard.

Many people were shot here. Notice the small gallows where many were hung. These people died for no reason. Some of the victims here were 18 years old. Their crime? Being Hitlers enemy... Jews, Gypsy's, political prisoners, homosexuals, prostitutes, transients, and Jehovah's Witnesses...yes, even Jehovah's Witnesses! I was shocked when I learned that.

The list of all who were executed at Breendonk.

The winters here in Europe are cold and long. The prisoners were made to stand out in the cold, naked to wait for their turn in the showers. The guard yelling at them the entire time. One minute to shower was all they had. Then with no towel, they were forced to rush out and put on the same dirty clothes, and then still wet, they were forced to walk back out into the cold to go to their rooms or where ever they took them next. There would not have been showers at all if it were not for the scare of spreading disease.

This is a photo of all the prison guards who tortured and murdered. After the war, they were brought up on charges and all were sentenced to die by firing squad, and they were all killed.

As we were leaving we passed by this rail road car that was once used to carry the people to the prison. How sad, being herded around like cattle. They had stables here where the guards housed their horses in. The horses had names, but the prisoners were known as numbers. The prisoners were treated worse than animals, and the animals were treated with respect

Saying GOODBYE to Breendonk!!
I am saddened to know of the treatment of the people that went on within these walls and all the other camps. I want to post this in honor of all who died at the hands of these cold blooded killers. Today is The Holocaust Remembrance Day, so it is fitting that I post this today.
May this never happen again.
GOD Bless You!

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