Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you from our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

Happy Anniversary My Christian Diary!! WOOT!!!

Yesterday was the One Year Anniversary of my blog! I am so very excited! I started this blog to tell others about the SAVING GRACE of JESUS, while meeting my brother's and sister's in CHRIST from all over the world. I also like to post inspirational videos, and cartoons, and sometimes I just like to confess something on my heart or share a story. My blog is just what the titles says...My Christian Diary.

To celebrate my blog anniversary, I want you all to think of an article I wrote, a video I posted or whatever it is that touched your heart this last year, then comment back to me what post you liked best and why. I will collect them for a week, then I will read the best review and pick a winner. Whoever wins will receive a nice box of Belgian Chocolates. YUMMY!!!!

If you would rather send your review to me via email, here is my email address...
donnabragg@yahoo.com. When I have chosen a winner I will congratulate the winner via email or blog, there I will request an address to send the yummy prize.

I will be looking forward to reading your reviews, and I know you will be looking forward to receiving the chocolates. LOL!

I appreciate and love you all! I hope you all will continue to come back and spend time with me this next year.

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