Welcome home Honey!

My sweet ARMY husband just returned recently from a six month deployment. What joy and excitement to have him home again. I remember when he left; it was a time of sadness in our home, but also a time of being proud of my wonderful soldier. I had the kids and it was rough some days. I had just had my thyroid removed and at one point I was a bit unbalanced. (POOR KIDS) But, it did not take long for me to realize that I was not acting normal. I went to see the endocrinologist and he told me that my levels were extreamly high. Once my meds came down I felt much better and even my kids saw a great difference in me. I could have used my husband at that time for sure.
I tried to keep busy over the summer taking the kids to different places. At one point my daughter was able to go on a youth trip to Switzerland which is about eight to ten hours from here. She had a blast! She came back with beautiful pictures of the swiss mountains. I know that experience will be with her forever.
While Alyssa was in Switzerland, Brandon and I got to go see Randy in Germany. His ankle which he had surgery on at the beginning of the year was really causing him grief. Randys commander flew him to Germany to the hospital there to be seen. When I heard he was going to be there for a few days I loaded up the van and Brandon and I drove to see him. It is only four to five hours from here. It was really great to see him. He had been gone for two months by this time. Seeing him was so wonderful, but the morning after I arrived, Brandon came in our room where we were staying and was struggling to breath. We were right down the street to the ER and we ran there. They got Brandon in immediately and started him on a breathing treatment. It was so scary. We were there for about three hours and Brandon returned to normal. He has asthma and something in the Germany air set it off. I am so thankful that Randy was there to be with me during this time.
The days went by and it was time to go back to Belgium. Randys ankle results came back and there was nothing they could do. When he had his surygery earlier on in the year his bone had been cut during surgery and it takes bone a real long time to heal. They gave some pain medicine and sent him on his way. So, once again we had to say goodbye to Randy. It was so hard.
The rest of the summer went pretty well, but it was so lonely without Randy. The only thing I can say that got me through it all was GOD. I have ( had) a great fear of driving, but GOD gave me strength to persevere and I was able to drive to an unknown region. HE and HE alone did that for me. Through every tough time that I had to get through alone, GOD was there to help me. The BIBLE says HE will never leave us nor forsake us and I know that to be so true. GOD has shown me that with HIM I can do anything, but without HIM all I do will fail and I will end up living in continuous fear. The kind of fear that paralyzes me to the house. I strongly dislike that! But the BIBLE says that fear is the opposite of faith and for me not to have faith in my HOLY GOD would be sin against HIM. It would have been like telling HIM that HE is not capable of helping me. What an insult to HIM. I love GOD too much to insult HIM. So, with that, HE helped me replace fear with faith and voila, I made it to Germany and back not just once but twice. GOD is so good!
GOD did teach me alot during that time alone with the kids and though it was tough sometimes I know I was not truly alone, my FATHER in HEAVEN was there. Now that it is all over and my sweetness is home, we can get back to being a family. It takes a bit of time to get reaquainted after some time apart, but it has been so wonderful. The kids and I are enjoying every minute with Randy. Thank you GOD for bringing him home to us, and Honey...welcome home!

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