Brandon's Baptism

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you. Sorry it has been a few days since I have been on, but I have not been well, but I am getting better.
Tomorrow my son in getting baptized! I am so happy! He is six years old and understands totally why he needs JESUS! He approached me in June and wanted to get baptized. I told him that he had to ask JESUS to forgive him of his sin's first. He told me that he wanted to, but I had to know for sure if he really understood why he needed JESUS. I asked Brandon why JESUS had to die on the cross. Brandon said, " It is because I am disobedient to you mommy. Like when I do not pick up my toys when you ask me to." I said, " ok, good! GOD gave us some rules to go by in our life and if we break them we sin against HIM. Brandon, do you know what stealing is?" Brandon said, " yes, it is like when I go to Natalia's house and take a toy from her and I never tell her and I never give it back." I said, " very good! You know GOD said not to lie. Have you lied to mommy?" He said he had. I then told him that because he had lied and he did not listen to mommy when she told him to clean his room, he had sinned against the LORD and in trouble with HIM and on his way to eternal punishment. (Growing up in a Christian home, he knows about HEAVEN and hell.) He then told me that he did not want to go to the Lake of fire. I told him that he did not have to go and all he had to do was pray to GOD to tell him that he was sorry for his sin. Then he bowed his head and asked GOD to forgive his sin and he believed GOD and the BIBLE to be truth. He asked JESUS to help him in his life to be good.
I tell you the truth, when I witnessed this, I was in awe of GOD and HIS mighty love that could come through the heart of a six year old boy.
I know he has HEAVEN as his eternal home and GOD will be his GOD forever. No one can take him out of the FATHERS HANDS. PRAISE be to GOD!
THANK YOU JESUS for saving us who believe from the wrath to come. My prayer is that all will come to know the SAVING GRACE OF JESUS!

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