Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!

I am sorry for bombarding you all with so many videos this week, but I believe these are so important!

Thank you Penlighted, at http://lightedpen.blogspot.com, for allowing me to post these videos here on my site! Penlighted has an awesome site! Check it out!

Obama has become a permanent face in the news since starting his presidential campaign. I am happy that we as a people have come to a place in time where the color of a man or woman's skin does not prohibit him or her, from becoming president of the United States. I am glad that I was raised to love everyone equally, no matter what. The color of Obama skin made no difference to me during the election, but his policies and his liberal ways did.

I am extremely upset that his first week in office he reversed the ban on funding abortions to other countries, that Ronald Reagen passed during his term. He is promoting world wide murder! Why should a government get so involved to fund abortion? No one has the right to end a life. Obama has said that if his girls were to "make a mistake" they should not be "punished" with a baby. Yes, Obama would rather his daughters kill his own grandchildren than see them actually own up to their responsibility. That is the problem with society, people want to break the rules, and not pay the consequences. I know there are different points of view when discussing abortion, I personally am against it, but my main hang-up here is, our government should not be involved with advocating and funding abortions locally, or abroad. He shows me what kind of a man he really is, if the first thing he does on his agenda is to advocate murder of infants. Men are to protect women and children, not kill them.

According to the BIBLE, the last days will be lived in total lawlessness. Anything GOD stands for will be ignored. It is evident, we are heading there now and it is clear Obama does not believe in JESUS or stand on the BIBLE. We need to pray for Obama, for our country, the victims of abortion, and our world. May Obama listen to the voice of the LORD!

I love the testimony of this young lady in the video! She is the product of a failed abortion. GOD allowed her life, and she is telling her story. I hope you will stick around and watch part 1 and part 2, and see what GOD has to say through her.

GOD Bless You!

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