Does Anybody hear her

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!

There are a mass amount of human beings who perish everyday. As people who believe in the ONE and ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD, we should be telling someone everyday about sin, the wrath to come, and the ONE who came to die for them. If not, we are living in disobedience. GOD said to go and tell the world about what HIS SON has done for them. How can we let anyone die in sin, knowing we have HEAVEN as our home?

There are so many who are walking around with a pretend smile, but inside, they are broken. This video is powerful! It shows how (we) Christians can gather in our cozy groups, and forget our main purpose! We are to have a relationship with the FATHER, and then train up for our battle, while allowing GOD to use us to yank the ones in bondage out of the clutches of the devil. I hope you are spreading the WORD of the LORD to someone who will listen. Remember, satan counts on us to be so busy within the four walls of Church, when the real mission is on the outside of it.

This video touched my heart, because I see the truth in it. Fellow believers, it is time to man our battle stations. There are many souls at stake. If you do not feel comfortable to talk to someone, give out tracts instead, you never know who GOD will talk to through it! Are you up for the Challenge?

GOD Bless You!

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