Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you. I just finished watching the Ben Stein documentary about how scientist's who investigate "Intelligent Design" are being expelled from their positions in teaching institutions and Museums and such, due to the fact that they are trying to scientifically research to see if Intelligent Design could be right. If you have not seen this documentary, I Highly recommend it.
Our freedom in the scientific field is slowly being stripped from us. If we do not stand up for our rights we will wake one day and we will be living with an invisible wall around us preventing us from our right to freedom so many people have died to protect. The United States stand on the right to freedoms, but for how much longer?
If you are a scientist who believes in Darwinism than you are safe in the circle, but if you believe in the freedom to at least study the possibility of an Intelligent Designer you will be in danger of having all you have worked hard for stripped from you from the radical Darwin movement. Ben asked one of the most experienced Darwinist about the possibility of an Intelligent Designer, he said there could be, but argues that it should not be a part of the scientific research. Why not?
If the scientific world is about inquiry and investigation, how come they will not let scientist inquire and investigate the possibility of GOD and creation? The Darwinists are going to great lengths to protect a "theory" that really has never been proven. Darwinist always say we all evolved from a single cell which developed into ALL of what we see today. Ben asked the experienced Darwinist to explain where the single cell came from and he could not say. He said, I don't know." When you get to the very beginning of the origin, Darwinist really do not know, thus leaving the impression that the possibility for an Intelligent Designer is probable.
So, why are the Darwinist trying so hard to keep it out? I believe there is a bigger agenda here. If the world believes in this "theory" than it easier to initiate anything and see where it goes because there are no absolutes. If there is absolutely no GOD then, it is easier to advocate abortion, which is murder, but to someone who does not believe in the BIBLE, it would not be a big deal. (Tell that to the baby being tortured and killed in the womb!) If there is no GOD and we are an accident that evolved, we have no real purpose, so anything goes. Hey, wait a minute I believe that is happening already. Forcing evolution is the main step pushing people to dangerous idea's. Just look at what happened to the millions of Jews during the Holocaust. Evolution was a part of the reason Hitler did what he did. He thought he was doing good by cleansing all impure people to try to make a pure race to evolve and populate the world. It is easier to do that if we are an accident and not created with no one to be held accountable to.
Well, I believe in GOD and creation, but even if I didn't, I also believe we all should have the freedom to explore the possibility of what comes our way since so many died so we would have that right.

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