I am home!

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you from our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

I am home from the hospital...YEAH!!!! I am thankful to my family for keeping you informed, and I am thankful for you all keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

I was able to come home Friday, and I have been resting since. I am trying to get up and around now. Please continue to pray for me.

We live in a awesome age where we have medicine and technology on our side, but it all would not be possible without GOD allowing us to have it. I am thankful for pain meds, when it felt like a horrible war was going on inside my stomach. It was a rough time for me, but I am home and healing just fine. I will try to come and post when I can. I am getting around slowly...but I am getting around!!! Yippee! PRAISE GOD!

GOD bless you all! (((HUGS)))

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