Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!

About a year ago, I started hearing tidbits about the North American Union and became nervous as to what this was all about.

Have you heard of the North American Union? It is breaking down the borders and adding Canada and Mexico onto the United States. They will call it the North American Union. If you look into NAFTA or North American Free Trade Agreement, you will see what this is all about. There are those out there that say this is not going to happen, but do not be fooled by them. It will come to pass.

The African Union has already been formed in July 9, 2002 and consists of 53 African states. The European Union was formed in November 1, 1993 and consists of 27 member states, with Slovakia being its newest member on January 1. 2009.

What is going on with all the Unions? First, follow this link to find out about NAFTA. <---Click link
I want you all to see the video to begin to educate yourselves.
George H W Bush talks about the NEW WORLD ORDER...

There are very wealthy people who belong to a secret society who are trying to usher in the One World Order. They are politically powerful and will do what it takes to see this happen. As George says in the video, they will succeed. How do I know? The BIBLE is clear about a One World Government, a One World Leader and this "World Leader" will be the Antichrist, and it is coming soon.

It is time for GOD's people to wake up! We can not stop it, but be aware! Research for yourselves about this. There is so much information out there, too much to put on my blog. The main stream media will not talk about these topics, but we have an Internet full of truth seekers with priceless information. If you know your BIBLE, you will not be easily fooled. GOD says in HIS WORD that HIS people are killed for their lack of knowledge.

There were certain prophesies that had to come to pass in order for the RAPTURE to happen. The last to be fulfilled was in 1948 when Israel became a nation.

I am so excited! At any moment it could happen and we all could be caught up in the air with our LORD and SAVIOR!! This post is not meant to place fear, it is to inform, educate and awaken the brethren. We know who our GOD is and if you have turned from your sin and placed your trust in JESUS, you have HEAVEN as your home no matter what. If not, I encourage you to get right with GOD before it is too late. Turn from your sin, ask GOD to forgive you, trust in JESUS and live according to HIS WORD!

I am so excited to see BIBLE prophesy come to pass. WE are living in the last days my friends. That is why it is so important to get out there and let everyone know about JESUS.

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