Swine Flu Facts

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!

There is much talk on the news about the "Swine Flu". Are you truly informed about it? What is it? How do you get it? Is there a vaccine for it? Can you get it from eating pork...etc....

Here is a fact sheet on swine flu! -----> Click here for fact sheet

According to Web MD, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has reported as of May 7, 2009, 109 people have been infected in the US. Here are the cases per area...

  • New York: 50 cases
  • Texas: 26 cases (including one death yesterday)
  • California: 14 cases
  • South Carolina: 10 cases
  • Kansas: 2 cases
  • Massachusetts: 2 cases
  • Arizona: 1 case
  • Indiana: 1 case
  • Michigan: 1 case
  • Nevada: 1 case
  • Ohio: 1 case

There are 257 cases worldwide. Here are the confirmed cases per country...

  • USA:109 cases (including one death)
  • Mexico: 97 cases (including 7 deaths)
  • Canada: 19 cases
  • Spain: 13 cases
  • UK: 8 cases
  • Germany: 3 cases
  • New Zealand: 3 cases
  • Israel: 2 cases
  • Austria: 1 case
  • Netherlands: 1 case
  • Switzerland: 1 case
My prayer is that you all will educate yourself, and then heed the facts. Take care everyone and be safe! Pray for these people who are suffering, and ask GOD to help contain this disease. People are dying from this, we all need to be praying that these folks have turned and trusted in the SAVIOR JESUS! Life is not a guarentee, but death certainly is, let's not allow our fellow man to die in sin. Tell anyone who will listen about our SAVIOR!

GOD Bless You All!

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