Prayers Answered!

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you.

I know I said I would be back with the next armor piece, but I want to share a praise. It is wonderful!
I have been praying many, many years for GOD to deliver my sister from the addiction of meth. My sister being hooked on drugs would not talk to anyone in the family. She totally distanced herself from us. I only talked to her maybe once a year, if that. She hurt my brother so bad that he would not talked to her for 5 years.
In August of 2008, she got a hold of me through yahoo messenger. I was so surprised! Then she started to talk to me daily and has been for several months, and not only that, but she has been saved, baptized and is living for GOD! It is a blessing to have her back in my life. A prayer answered! Praise GOD!!
Today, I talked to my brother and I told him about my sister being clean and sober, and he wanted nothing to do with her. I told him that she wanted to go see him and reconcile. He told me that he was not ready, and then later on in the day, she went over to see him and he grabbed her and hugged her and they both cried! They made up! I am so emotional! My mom is emotional! Only GOD could do this. It is amazing!
I have my sister back, and we all have each other again! My sister said GOD never fails to reveal HIMSELF to her, giving her even more reason to believe.

Ok, I am going to go call my sister!

GOD Bless you all!

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