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Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you!

I am a big fan of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Do you remember Kirk Cameron from "Growing Pains"? He played Mike Seaver. Kirk is a true, Bible Believing, Christian. Ray Comfort is an evangelist from New Zealand. Ray and Kirk take the GREAT COMMISSION ( to take the gospel to every creature),very serious. They love GOD and they love their fellow man. They love other's so much, they go to the street's to witness to try to bring them to the understanding of why they need to be reconciled to GOD. Some choose CHRIST and some take their freewill and run away from CHRIST.

They Have a program called "The Way of The Master". The Way of The Master is a program that teaches how to witness the way JESUS did. If you want to learn how to become an effective witness for CHRIST, go to www.thewayofthemaster.com. On this site you will see video's of Ray and Kirk on the street trying win souls,and other video's such as Hells Best Kept Secret ( everyone needs to see this video) You will see study tools, a store where you can purchase very unique, but effective gospel tract's, and learn the tools of becoming an effective witness.

I have been studying Way of The Master for two years and it is awesome! I encourage everyone who calls themselves "children of GOD" to get out and tell others about CHRIST. If we do not, we are letting people go to the lake of fire. How can I let others go into the lake of fire when I have HEAVEN as my home? If we truly love GOD and our fellow man, we will not let fear stand in our way, but let GOD, through The Way of the Master be our guide.

This clip below is so powerful. Please watch! I hope you like Ray, I think he is a great example of how we all should be. PRAISE GOD!!



As a Christian, I find much of what I've seen from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron problematic - in particular the banana argument, which shows they are willing to talk about matters such as science about which they have not informed themselves adequately. This sort of ill-informed apologetics does more harm than good to the reputation of Christianity.

January 4, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

I agree with James. I love my Jesus, but I find Kirk Cameron's approach to evangelism to be disturbing, abrasive, and ineffective. I think there are many godlier ways to share the love of Christ with others.

January 4, 2009 at 5:25 PM  

as an atheist i find Comforts approach to theistic debate to be absolutely ridiculous...I challenged him to a debate formerly months ago and he never answered...but the arguments i have read from him are just silly childsplay arguments that most intelligent christians, much less atheists can destroy out of hand. He also has this aweful arrogance that just makes listening to him or reading his work a clear pain...and he also treats Atheists like the scum of the earth whilst trying to tell us how much God loves us.... he is ludicrous IMO

January 5, 2009 at 9:11 AM  

WOW! this guy is amazing! he is just simply amazing. he totaly sumed everything up!

January 5, 2009 at 9:26 AM  

WOW. all these other guys are nut jods to not see how true Rays message is. talk about not too smart.

January 5, 2009 at 9:31 AM  

I assume that last post was intended as a joke. "Rays" without the apostrophe, "jods", a failure to capitalize the "a" and "t" where appropriate, and then commenting on others not being smart... :-)

January 5, 2009 at 10:52 AM  

James, Matt, and Akirah,
I appreciate your comments, but I disagree with you. I will be addressing it all in my post.

God Bless You!

January 5, 2009 at 6:12 PM  

Thank you for your encouragement! I appreciate it!

GOD Bless You!

January 5, 2009 at 6:15 PM  

Hello Donna and All,

While the video isn't my style and while I don't claim to know Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (I will check into them more), I can say that the timing of my seeing the video was, well, timely. I used the thought's it brought to mind to respond to those who may believe in mere deathbed lip service as opposed to professing followed by bringing forth.

Also, let me say that "smart is as smart does." You know, many people think that the writers of "Forest Gump" originated that saying. I personally remember the saying from 50+ years back. I don't know the original source, but I sure subscribed to it over 50 years ago and still do.

Anyway, Donna, I'm sure you find my theology foreign to you, but I thank you for the sincerity with which your blog comes across. I don't think anyone would be justified in claiming that you are attempting to fool anyone including yourself nearly as much as you are truly trying to be good.

I go with my feelings. I trust they are from God now.

Blessings to you, and even though I'm far from a militarist, may God protect your husband. I hope he becomes a pacifist one day.

I know you know that I don't mean that to hurt your feelings or harm either your husband or you in anyway.

Love, Peace, and Truth,

Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church and
The Christian Commons Project

January 7, 2009 at 3:18 PM  

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