Redeemed From A Not-So-Good Moment

Hello All, Grace and Peace to you all! I felt so ashamed this morning! I had just gotten up and was stirring the kids as well. My sweet husband was about to leave for work and we were engaging in a conversation. He was giving me some instruction about something and meant well, and my pride got in the way. I thought to myself, "why is he telling me this? I already know. Does he think of me as a baby?" I became so frustrated and lashed back at him, and we got into a squabble. I ran into the bedroom, yelled something as I slammed the door. Immediately, I felt convicted(a guilty feeling in the spirit telling one they messed up). I asked GOD to help me make it right. I had to first repent and ask GOD for forgiveness,( telling GOD what I did wrong. GOD knows what I did, but we are to confess it to HIM in prayer and then ask HIM to forgive us our wrong) then I went to my husband. I stood in front of my husband and told him that I had let satan bait me with pride and I fell for it. I told him that I was so sorry and asked him to forgive me, and he did right away. HE is wonderful to me!!!!
You might ask how could a devout Christian fall for satans trap? I am a human and will fall short of GOD's perfection , but HE will not leave me nor forsake me, and HE is quick to forgive a truly contrite heart. I was truly sorrowful for what I did and HE came in and gave me strength to resist satan and send him fleeing. The BIBLE says that if we resist the devil he will flee from us. PRAISE GOD! HE showed me that scripture to be true today! In my obedience, GOD was able to redeem me from my not-so-good moment.
I call it a moment because from the time of initial squabble to the end where Randy forgave me was fifteen minutes. Only GOD could do that! WOW! The shortest squabble in history for us. LOL!
In conclusion, Grace, forgiveness and patience for one another gives us permission to be human.


I'm glad things resolved quickly.

Have you ever read the book The Shack by Wm. Paul Young? I think you may enjoy it and could do a review of it on your blog. I started it this morning and I'm already on page 105. It's hard to put down.

January 8, 2009 at 5:45 PM  

Thank you Akirah, I will check it out. I love to read.
GOD Bless You!!

January 17, 2009 at 5:49 PM  

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