Will You Be Found Extremely Guilty?

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you from JESUS CHRIST our LORD!

I was reading in the "The Voice of The Martyrs" today and found a great piece I would like pass along to you. This article really spoke to my heart and I hope it speaks to you as well.

"The Voice of The Martyrs" is a magazine that tells the stories of Christian suffering in other countries. We have the freedom to worship, but in certain countries it is a crime to have a relationship with JESUS.

The following story is from Voice of The Martyrs...

Ranavalona 1, the queen of Madagascar, hated the Christians in her kingdom. Her complaints against them were many: they despised her idols, they were always praying, they always went to Church, and their women were chaste. She sent officers to gather all those suspected of being Christians to bring them to trial.

Sixteen hundred believers, when the charges were read, announced confidently, "Guilty." They would not deny the charges, for to do so would be to deny CHRIST. The Queen offered them a second chance to deny CHRIST and bow to her idols, but each refused. They were thrown into dark, dank dungeons, and many were executed. The Queen was angered more, because for each Christian she had killed, twenty more rose up. ( HA HA I love that! No one can get rid of GOD!!!)

Later, the Queen ordered that fifteen Christians be executed. They were to be thrown over a cliff into a rocky ravine 150 feet below. The Queen's idols were taken to the top of the cliff, and each Christian was lowered slightly over the edge, tied with ropes.

"Will you worship your CHRIST or the Queen's god's?" the soldiers asked each Christian hanging over the precipice.

Each Christian answered, simply, "CHRIST." The ropes were cut, and they plunged to the rocks. Some sang as they fell to their deaths. One young girl was spared and declared insane. She later founded a large Church. ( WOW!! I love that)

In most countries, defendants are presumed innocent until they are proven guilty. The underlying principle is that there must be a substantial amount of evidence to convict a person of a crime. Expressing one's faith in CHRIST is often a government offense in many countries where the roles of the justice system are reversed. Believers are guilty until proven otherwise. One would have to reject CHRIST in order to be innocent... in a human, earthly courtroom. However, in HEAVEN'S courtroom, the guilty verdict is actually a victory. "Extreme guilt" means providing so much evidence of one's faith in CHRIST that there is no way to be acquitted of the charge! The familiar paradox is worth repeating: IF YOU WERE ON TRIAL FOR BEING A CHRISTIAN TODAY, WOULD THERE BE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CONVICT YOU?????

MMMMMM?? I hope so friends!

A Vietnamese Christian Pastor imprisoned for his faith said this, "We have learned that suffering is not the worst thing in the world...disobedience to GOD is the worst.


I hope this article blesses you as it has blessed me!


Thank you for sharing that Donna. I too read VOM. I wonder why the powers that be don't find it odd that all these Christians are taken as serious as a heart attack, and that the only solution is prison, torture and the grave. What's the big deal if there is no God? I find that all the persecution just confirms my faith in the one and true Living God. And why are the people who are so open minded so close minded to Christians? Because we are like sheep...to slaughter. The servant is not greater than the Master and we must follow Him. I'm so happy to find another who shares my love for our persecuted brothers and sisters. I'm reading Richard Wurmbrands book to my Sunday School class. Sorry this is so long.
My husband used the same background as you for his blog.

May 13, 2009 at 11:20 PM  

Thanks for posting this story from VOM. I read the original artical & it really moved me. We so need a revival of the church in America. We need the fire of His Spirit to fall and break us & fill us...blessings!!!
Anthony Verderame

May 15, 2009 at 7:39 PM  

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