Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you from our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

Most people go to the parks or ponds to feed the ducks, but not the Bragg family, the ducks came to us...EVERYDAY! It was so awesome, it was like we had pet ducks of our own. They would just show up at our home daily, and if we were not outside they would quack until we opened the door.

It was so awesome, our ducks did not get too scared when approached. At times they did, but not often. They thought they were part of the family. They even entered our home as if they were one of the kids. LOL!!! We would just feed them the bread as they came in. LOL! We set out a special bowl for their water and they loved that!

The female even laid an egg in our front lawn, but a huge bird came out of no where and hit the egg with its beak and broke it! I was so upset!! But I was honored she chose our home to lay her egg at anyway.

They have been gone now for a few weeks, but here are a few pictures of our 3 friendly ducks. Bye friends! I will miss you waddling around the neighborhood. :(

Brandon tossing bread to them.

Come on in and have dinner!

Standing at the front door surrounded by bread.

Leaving so soon, you forgot your food! LOL!

GOD's beautiful creation! I hope you come back again next year!


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