My Friend Sophie

Hello All, Grace and Peace be to you from our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

My sweet Belgian friend, Sophie and I have been keeping in contact. In a note to her, I ended with, "Bisou and hugs". Bisou is "kisses" in French, but did not know the word for hug. She wrote back..." Donna, I praise God to have a friend and a sister like you. I miss you here in Belgium. There's no French word for "hug", anyway, each time I read you, i'm moved by the love of Jesus and this is the best hug I know."

Her English is a lot better than my French that is for sure! I left her note the way she wrote it because it has more heart!

Anyway, her message spoke to me today. We as Christian's should always speak to one another as if our words are the hug from JESUS that people need!

Thank you, Sophie, you are a true sister in CHRIST, and I will treasure our relationship for all eternity! You do not realize it, but I felt a huge hug from JESUS today, because you let HIM shine through you. Again, thanks my dear sister in CHRIST!


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